Planting seeds.

Helping technology leaders improve
communications, positioning, and partnering


Our services include:

• IT Communications/
Marketing Audit
• Strategy and Program
• Shaping Stakeholder
• Increasing Service
• Service and Product

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Innovative Programs
Magnolia Communications offers internal communications services that meet the unique needs of global technology-driven companies. Drawing on our marketing expertise, thought leadership, and benchmarketing data we design innovative programs that solve real corporate challenges, such as:

• Increasing business-technology alignment
• Designing employee-centric communications
programs and career tools
• Marketing internal reorganization or
transformation initiatives
• Improving organizational transparency and
• Positioning IT as a strategic partner
• Assessing and shaping stakeholder perceptions

Recognizing that IT is integral to the enterprise, Magnolia Communications has a special focus on IT and offers several services targeted to CIOs and their direct reports. Our IT services help technology leaders improve IT-business communications, improve their strategic positioning, create effective partner marketing programs, and sell services internally.



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